Personalized Financial Plan

At Devries Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on using the consultative approach to managing our clients' financial affairs. We examine the goals and objectives of each client in order to customize their financial roadmap.

Devries uses a collaborative approach to personalize and optimize your financial plans.  In order to achieve the best results, the client must actively participate throughout the process.  Participation empowers our clients, and we strive to have their pertinent information at their fingertips.  By giving the client a binder that contains all of their information, we are able to ensure that our clients' financial affairs are in excellent order.

This approach involves putting together a binder that contains all of your most important financial documents.  Your wills, power of attorney, investment summaries, insurances, corporate documents, and anything else that is relevant to your complete financial plan are all within this binder.  Integration of these affairs is vital towards attaining your goals and keeping your documents current.  With everything centralized, you have simplified something that could have otherwise been very complicated.

Under each divider, you will find a summary page that brings together all of the relevant information from that section.  For example, in your ?Personal Insurances? section, you will find a one page list of all the important insurance information (premiums, payouts, term, etc.).  Other essential insurance documents will follow, such as contracts, detailed descriptions, and everything else that you may need.

This approach gives a new level of organization, integration, and peace of mind.

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